Corp. is a certified property management business situated in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines. The business niche is property management, in which we want to be a trendsetter and a market leader in providing a property management (business) model to help real estate owners get the profits out of the investments they make.

Our team of professionals warrants that our clients get the best value for money by accurately managing their property. We enable this by providing quality services to both the property owner and the tenant. This is possible through high selection standard of human resources, periodic training, European management and in close cooperation with reliable subcontractors. Corp. strives to avoid any chance of litigation between our customers (the property owners) and the tenants. Our property management plan template reduce the risk of damages to lease units. It is uniquely diverse in comparison with other service providers because it plans to generate revenue by reducing the maintenance- as well as synchronizing the expenses of all property in our portfolio.

Being one of the solo all-round property management service providers, we are keen on being active as well as taking the lead when associating with our corporate- and collective issues where it concerns the customer and/or the market. This way we are able to position ourselves to avoid lawsuits by addressing problems when they occur. Our legal consultants ensure that we comply with e.g. The Civil Code of the Philippines, Rental Reform Act and The Rent Control Act when prospecting for clients by avoiding to single out any demographic group.


We aspire to be the sole-stop service provider for property owners, where they acquire the management for properties according to the lawful obligations, their -tailor made- desires and to assist them to consolidate the appraised value and get efficiently profit from their property investment.


To be the property management experts of choice for proprietors with regards to property management, lease, purchase or sales throughout the Metro Cebu Region by conducting reliable and sustainable governance.